Is Winston John Wick’s Father In ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’?

WARNING: this post contains spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4

We’ve covered the scene that inspired Keanu Reeves to make John Wick: Chapter 4 and the rare post-credits scene that’s worth sticking around for, but there’s something that happens between those two moments that’s worth discussing, as well. After John Wick is killed in his duel against the Marquis in Paris (or more actually, his duel against Caine… and then John blows the Marquis’ brains out before succumbing to his wounds), the movie cuts back to New York, where he’s buried alongside his wife, Helen.

At the cemetery, Winston rests his hand on John’s tombstone and says “farewell, my son” in Russian. Is Winston John’s actual father, or a father-like figure? The latter is more likely. For one thing, Winston has a tattoo of the Ruska Roma syndicate on his wrist; he and John are part of the same crime family. Winston also has paternal affection for John — or Jonathan, as he, and only he, calls him. So, is Winston John’s biological father? Unlikely.

“Fourth John Wick, you think, ‘Same old,’ but it’s not,” Ian McShane, who plays Winston, told Screenrant about Chapter 4. “It’s expanded, the relationships have got deeper, they’ve gotten better; you understand more about the world. It’s matured, but I think that’s due to the writer and Chad staying with it. Chad directing all the movies. It wouldn’t be the same. That’s key to it, absolutely.”

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