Legendary ‘MAD’ Magazine Cartoonist Jack Davis Has Passed Away At 91

The world of art, comics, and humor was rocked by the announcement of the passing of artist Jack Davis. Davis, who was 91, created a body of work that still influences those working in illustration, comics, and a variety of other forms of media today. Davis was a founding member of the legendary MAD Magazine and contributed largely to the aesthetic of the magazine that is still evident in issues published now. He also created comics for the notorious EC Comics – a publisher largely targeted by Frederich Wertham in the anti-comics crusade publication Seduction of the Innocent – including ones that were featured in the original Tales From the Crypt. Davis also painted movie posters for films like Kelly’s Heroes and The Long Goodbye. Upon the announcement of his passing, an outpouring of support commenced on Twitter, with professionals from various industries chiming in on the vitality of Davis’s work:

Davis’s work clearly touched a wide variety of people, both fans and people who pursued art as a profession. His influence has carried on through generations and he stayed vibrant and relevant even in his later years, not officially retiring until the age of 90. He will be missed tremendously, and it’s no overstatement to say that there will never be another like him.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)