Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian Doppelganger Is Starring In A New Vodka Commercial

Roman Burtsev, the 33-year-old technical support manager from Moscow who made headlines earlier this year for looking like a fatter version of Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio (maybe by someone with the crack eyesight of an octogenarian), has leveraged his fame into starring in this commercial for Five Lakes vodka. The ad playfully winks at Burtsev’s doppelganger status, as it opens with him peering into a rear view mirror with a photo of the real DiCaprio attached to it.

As the camera pans out on the tracksuit wearing Burtsev, a voiceover explains that everything in the scene is fake, complete with fake DiCaprio driving a fake BMW, talking on a fake iPhone next to his fake model girlfriend. (Does that mean she’s not really a model or is it a statement about her personality?) As he pulls over and exits the car, picking up a bottle of vodka, the voiceover reveals that the vodka, on the other hand, is completely authentic.

Then for some reason he gets in a boat and rows off into the sunset like in The Revenant, while the fake model throws one of her high heels after him. I don’t know. It’s all very Russian.

Here’s more photos of Burtsev from his Instagram account, in which he pretends to have won Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar. Guy’s got to make a living somehow.

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(Via The Hollywood Reporter)