Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian Doppelgänger Sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’

Leonardo DiCaprio has a doppelgänger.

Not the attractive Swedish bartender, but another man, a Russian gentleman who’s turned his resemblance of Leo (or Leo after a night of drinking and a year of too many donuts) into a career. Roman Burtsaev is a 33-year-old technical support manager who, according to BuzzFeed, was given his own realty show in Russia, Romance with DiCaprio, which “follows Burtsaev as [channel Moskva 24 attempts] to transform him into a Hollywood star.”

Here he is singing “My Heart Will Go On!”

And wearing the bear from The Revenant!

Римейк #ДиКаприо24 #романсдикаприо

A photo posted by Роман Бурцев (@roman_sdicaprio) on

And doing the Titanic pose!

And winning an Oscar!

Получаю Оскар ? #романсдикаприо #ДиКаприо24

A photo posted by Роман Бурцев (@roman_sdicaprio) on

Number of Academy Awards: Burtsaev, 1; DiCaprio: 0.

Russian DiCaprio hopes his new-found fame will get him a role in a Hollywood movie, and a girlfriend. Having trouble landing a long-term relationship? Burtsaev has so much in common with the real Leo!

(Via BuzzFeed)