Why The Next Superman Movie Should Really Be About Supermen

04.11.16 3 years ago 17 Comments

Right now, Warner Bros. apparently has zero interest in making another Superman movie. If the ending of Batman v Superman didn’t make that point abundantly clear, the utter lack of any direct sequels to any non-Justice League DC movies until at least 2020 seems to confirm it. But sooner or later, Superman will get another movie, and perhaps it should deal instead with Supermen. (Spoilers from this point forward.)

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Superman dies heroically at the end of Batman v Superman after spending the entire movie struggling with guilt over the civilians he couldn’t save. Superman’s inability to save everybody is really what drives the plot: Early in the movie, Bruce Wayne tries to find a little girl’s parents, only to have her point at a building that was punched through when he asks where her mother is. That more or less cements Bruce’s belief Superman is one bad day away from murdering humanity, and Superman’s failure to spot another disaster ahead of time, the Capitol bombing, further confirms it.

It’s a fascinating idea, if one that’s only partially explored, that being Superman would be a hard if not an almost unbearable responsibility. Superman is stuck with the impossible choice of deciding who lives and who dies, with his incredible power only magnifying his mistakes, and all he can do is live with the fallout of these no-win situations. It’s an interesting take on the guy, but that’s also only one aspect of Superman, and Batman v Superman has opened the door to explore other sides of Superman, specifically with some Supermen.

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