An ‘It’ Producer Wants To Make A Movie About The Sculpture That Inspired The Viral Momo Challenge Hoax

Warner Bros.

Remember the so-called “Momo challenge”? If not, then consider yourself lucky — for now. That’s because the viral hoax, which consisted of an image of artist Keisuke Aiso’s sculpture “Mother Bird” that supposedly encouraged teenagers to harm themselves or commit suicide, could be heading to the big screen. According to a report from Deadline that was later confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, no less than one of the producers of the hugely successful It: Chapter One and its forthcoming sequel is behind the effort.

Producer Taka Ichise is developing a film adaptation of Aiso’s sculpture, per EW‘s confirmation. Whether or not the treatment will address the Momo challenge remains unclear, though, as the unsettling piece of art is actually based on Chinese and Japanese folk tales concerning a supernatural creature that snatches away children. So, Pennywise… but not Pennywise.

If Ichise’s horror credits with It and It: Chapter Two aren’t enough, however, then consider this: his latest efforts have him “partnered with Orion Pictures and Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment.” That matters because the pair previously worked together on the American film adaptations of The Grudge and The Ring, both of which began as hugely successful Japanese horror films. So anyone who might be worried that Ichise’s attempt to transform the Momo challenge into another lame SNL skit shouldn’t have any anything to worry about.

(Via Deadline and Entertainment Weekly)