Everyone Is Calling ‘The Most Unnecessary Sex Scene In A Movie’ The *Most* Necessary Sex Scene In A Movie

In terms of dumb Twitter debates, arguing the necessity of sex scenes in movies and TV shows is fairly harmless. But it’s still annoying. Usually, the person who did the bad tweet “doesn’t have many followers (they’re certainly not a major critical voice or creative in the industry), but their complaint is that they don’t like sex scenes in movies,” as Matt Goldberg wrote on his Substack. But this time, it came from an account with over two million followers.

“most unnecessary sex scene in a movie,” @everymovieplug tweeted over the weekend, along with a clip from director Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s wonderfully wild 2006 film Crank. In it, Chev Chelios (played by Jason Statham) bends Eve Lydon (Amy Smart) over a mailbox in public and begins having sex with her from behind while on-lookers cheer them on.

The sex scene rules because Crank rules, but I would also contend that it’s the most necessary sex scene in a movie ever. The plot of Crank is that Chev Chelios — who should always be referred to by his full name — has been injected with a drug and the only way to counteract the poison is to keep his adrenaline up. It’s like Speed, but Staham’s body is the bus (OK, it’s not really like Speed but just going with me here). If he doesn’t have sex in this moment, he dies. Sounds pretty necessary to me. The community note agrees.

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You can (and should) watch Crank on Max.