Ryan Gosling Blew This Tourist’s Mind At The Oscars And Created A New Meme

Tonight at the Oscars, a bus full of people described by Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel as tourists were let into the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, seemingly unaware that they would be walking into a black tie event full of Hollywood greats. When they passed through the side doors to shake hands (or kiss hands, Gary you suave dude you), they seemed prepared with their phones at the ready, recording the whole shebang. But, one tourist clearly had her mind blown when the kind and polite Ryan Gosling decided to whisper something into her ear.

What was it? What did the La La Land actor have to tell this woman?

The internet tried to figure out exactly what made this women go googly-eyed. We start off with possibly the most important thing someone could whisper in your ear in 2017:

Then we followed-up with additional theories that are probably just as true, just not as hard-hitting as any Star Wars theory (and you know it).



Well, there was that whole Moonlight, La La Land thing that kind deserves its own set of memes…


But there are plenty other mind-blowing things that Ryan Gosling could’ve said to this confused woman…