‘Rogue One’ Became The Third Highest-Grossing Movie Of 2016 In Just Two Weeks

Rogue One was pretty much predestined to be a hit. At the very least it was going to be the best Star Wars prequel on film. Still, Disney cautiously warned everyone not to get too excited, as Rogue One might only make a billion dollars. Turns out that may have been overly conservative.

Rogue One is ripping up the 2016 box office charts despite only coming out two weeks ago. Collecting $16.6 million at the domestic box office yesterday, that put it over The Secret Life Of Pets, Deadpool, and The Jungle Book with $375 million. Globally, that puts it in the $675 million range. It might even manage to boot Captain America: Civil War from the silver medal slot before December 31st wraps up, as that has “only” $408 million at the domestic box office itself and Rogue One can likely make $33 million in the next two days. 2016’s box office gold medal will probably stay with Finding Dory, at $486 million.

Rogue One will also likely enjoy a lot of money in the new year. The release schedule isn’t particularly heavy on movies that can challenge Star Wars, unless all of Vin Diesel’s Facebook followers have already bought five tickets apiece to see xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage. As for that billion, it seems likely to cross that in a few weeks, and probably make a little beyond that. Still, it won’t be any Force Awakens, which crossed the two billion mark at the box office. Maybe Rogue Two can feature some Bothans?

(via Variety)