Seth Rogen And Justin Bieber Finally End Their Bitter Feud And Hug It Out Like Bros

First, a little background for those uninitiated to the great Seth RogenJustin Bieber feud. Back in January of 2014, at the height of Justin Bieber’s “rebellious” phase, for lack of a better word, Seth Rogen weighed in and tweeted, “All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of sh*t.” A few months later, Rogen clarified his remarks to Howard Stern, basically saying that Bieber had acted like a petulant diva when the two had met backstage at a talk show. Bieber responded to Rogen’s remarks with an apology on Twitter, although it was hard to tell if he was being sincere or snotty. Then in March of 2015, during the height of Bieber’s “redemption” phase, also for lack of a better word, Bieber tweet-spammed Rogen begging him to appear on his Comedy Central roast. Rogen declined.

Fast forward to November of 2015, Justin Bieber has fully turned a corner and Seth Rogen is ready to let bygones be bygones. On Wednesday’s Ellen, Rogen explained his “beef” with Bieber by saying that he had “called him some really mean things on social media for no real reason” and that “all this time [he] had only met him once, very briefly, and it was honestly a very pleasant interaction.” Hmm. Not exactly the story he told Howard, but I guess it’s called eating crow for a reason.

Bieber later came out wearing a Seth Rogen mask and the two hugged it out, so I guess we can consider this celebrity feud officially ended. Is there anything Ellen can’t do? That woman is like an angel sent down to Earth to dance and end celebrity feuds.