Shake Your Ass And Watch This Supercut Of Dance Party Scenes From Movies

I was never the popular kid, so I didn’t have a lot of chances to make a booty shaking impression at parties in my teen years. That has continued into my adult years now that I hang with a crew that would be comfortable as extras in a Footloose prequel. Despite my dancer’s heart, rarest are the moments when I can bless the earth with the spectacle of my groove. Because of that, I both hate and adore the unrealistic coolness on display in big screen dance party scenes like the ones on display in this supercut of dance-filled scenes from films like Clueless, Animal House, my beloved PCU, Superbad, Bachelor Party, House Party, and others.

Go ahead, press play and enjoy yourself. I’ll be over here in the corner watching the Tom Hanks solo dance scene from Joe Versus The Volcano, because that’s what dancing is: a good song and the absence of people that will judge your soundborne spasticity.

Source: YouTube