‘Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse’: Everything We Know So Far Including The Release Date, Trailer & More

In a year that saw superhero movies crash and burn with shocking regularity, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse swung into theaters and wowed audiences. Packed with wildly original visuals, pitch-perfect needle drops, and compelling characters, Across the Spider-Verse racked up rave reviews. However, it also ended with a major cliffhanger that has left Spidey fans eagerly waiting the next sequel, Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Here’s everything we know about the next Spider-Verse installment:


While plot details for Beyond the Spider-Verse have not been released, the cliffhanger ending for Across the Spider-Verse offers a rough idea of where the story is heading. That film saw Miles Morales get transported to Earth-42 instead of his home dimension. In defiance of Miguel (a.k.a. Spider-Man 2099), Miles tried to return home and stop The Spot from killing his father. Instead, Miles landed in Earth-42, which is where the spider that gave him his powers came from, making Miles an “anomaly” that threatens the whole multiverse.

While in Earth-42, Miles gets to experience his worst nightmare as he’s faced with a world where his father died in the line of duty. His Uncle Aaron, however, is still alive, only this time he’s not the villainous Prowler. That moniker belongs to this universe’s Miles, and he’s all business.

Desperate to save the Miles we know and love, Gwen Stacy reforms the team from the first Spider-Verse movie (along with some new additions) and sets off to save Miles before Miguel and the other multiverse-traveling Spider-Men can get to our hero first.


Considering there haven’t been any reports to the contrary, and it’s a direct sequel, we feel confident in saying that Beyond the Spider-Verse will bring back the voice cast from Across the Spider-Verse. That includes Shameik Moore as Miles Morales, Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy, Oscar Isaac as Miquel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099, Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker, Mahershala Ali as Aaron Davis, Daniel Kaluuya as Toby/Spider-Punk, Issa Rae as Spider-Woman, Andy Samberg as Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider, and Jason Schwartzman as The Spot.

There’s also a good chance that we could see the return of John Mulaney’s Spider-Ham and Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir, who were both spotted in the final moments of Across the Spider-Verse.

Release Date

Beyond the Spider-Verse was originally slated for release on March 29, 2024. However, the film has since been “delayed indefinitely” following complications from the SAG-AFTRA strike and reports that the animation would not be completed in time. As of this writing, Sony has not yet announced a new release date. However, Christopher Miller confirmed during a Q&A in December 2023 that production is moving along, and the film is coming.


Sony Pictures Animation has not released a trailer or any promotional material for Beyond the Spider-Verse, but we’ll definitely keep you posted once marketing material starts swinging its way online.