‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ May Have Been Spoiled By A Battery Ad

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is, among other things, an advertising and merchandising juggernaut. The movie will make Disney billions before it shows a frame of film at those December 17 showings you can’t get into. But that also means you have to show the script to lots of people, and that’s a problem when you’re trying to keep things under wraps.

In case you haven’t clicked on the ad above yet, which is sort of adorable for a battery ad, yes, there’s a potential spoiler. So, if you’re trying to remain pristine and unsullied, and good luck with that, stop reading here.

Still with us? Okay, so, the above ad is pretty straightforward: Christmas morning, a focus-grouped teenager puts Duracells in his lightsaber and goes to save his sister. Finding her in the backyard, said adorable urchin is dressed like Rey… and then she proceeds to Force-toss a couple of stormtroopers before whipping out a green lightsaber.

Of course, one does need to note here that her brother is running around in Obi-Wan’s Jedi robes, and it’s not like Ewan McGregor has been spotted anywhere near the set. So this could simply be “Hey, let’s put her in a Rey costume,” and it might just be toy lightsabers only come in a few colors. So, file this as one in the “Rey’s dad is Luke” column instead of “Rey’s dad is Han” column.

(Via CinemaBlend)