‘Suicide Squad’ Actor Shares Some Crazy Jared Leto, Will Smith, And Margot Robbie Stories

(NSFW audio)

Ike Barinholtz is rumored to be playing Dr. Hugo Strange in Suicide Squad, but he couldn’t confirm anything about his role in an interview on The Howard Stern Show this morning. Instead, he went one better and shared three crazy anecdotes about working on the set.

First up, did you know Margot Robbie has a tattoo gun and would get drunk with people and offer them free tattoos? Yes, those set photos of people getting tattooed weren’t just publicity stunts; Robbie brought the tattoo gun. And, according to Barinholtz, one crew member tried to play it cool when his tattoo was misspelled:

“And one of the guys she tattooed, she made a big typo. And he was like, ‘oh it’s cool, don’t worry about it!'”

Barinholtz also recounted the story of method actor Jared Leto giving Margot Robbie a live rat and gifting the rest of the squad a dead pig, but there’s an added detail here: the dead pig was filled with bullets. Leto had his “kind-of lieutenant” (probably Jim Parrack, who’s rumored to be henchman Jonny Frost) deliver the gifts from “Mr. J.” and we can’t wait to hear the set stories Parrack must have, being on the other side of all this.

All the stories weren’t crazy in the dead pig/misspelled tattoo sort of way. Barinholtz also shared an anecdote about the time Will Smith spent an enormous amount of money throwing a huge party, complete with soul food, a re-airing of the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight everyone missed during filming earlier that day, and 10 songs performed by him and DJ Jazzy Jeff. We’re assuming he keeps Jeff in a trunk in his three-story trailer.

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