The Rock’s Fiery ‘Candy Ass’ Instagram Post Was Reportedly About Vin Diesel

The Rock might not be an active member of the WWE roster, but that didn’t stop him from dropping the unscripted promo of the year yesterday on Instagram. In it, he laid into an unspecified member of the Fast and Furious 8 cast, calling them “unprofessional” and “chickens*t.” Speculation was rampant after the post went viral, with many wondering which cast member he was referring to — or if it was, as they say, all a work. But according to a report over at TMZ, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was apparently directing his ire at Vin Diesel, and given the size of those two dudes, there seems to be no more appropriate word to describe it than beef.

The spat between the two costars, ostensibly the biggest names involved in the film, reportedly stems from the most likely of places — a clash of egos. Diesel is both an actor and producer on the film and has apparently made some decisions during filming that did not sit well with Johnson. Rather than let this build to the ultimate Wrestlemania headliner in Orlando next year, Diesel and Johnson apparently took time out of their shoot today to hold a meeting and work things out.

According to TMZ, it was almost impossible to shoot at all given the tension. The two actors had to take some time to sit down and try to settle their issues. Whether or not this worked and everything on the set is hunky-dory again remains to be seen. With a week and a half of shooting left, it’s not too late for the greatest fistfight of all time to happen and be recorded on a key grip’s iPhone.

(Via TMZ)