One Of The Year’s Best Movies, ‘The Worst Person In The World,’ Is Named After A Catchy Norwegian Phrase

The Worst Person in the World? More like the best movie in the world. The third film in director Joachim Trier’s acclaimed “Oslo Trilogy,” following 2006’s Reprise and 2011’s Oslo, August 31st, is finally out in New York and Los Angeles today with more cities to come. Now, I’m not saying you should take a plane / boat / hot air balloon to NYC to watch it this weekend — but I am saying you should run, don’t walk, to watch it.

As our own Vince Mancini wrote in his glowing review, “In a year of two and a half-hour movies about superheroes and car chases that felt roughly seven hours long (looking at you, James Bond) The Worst Person in the World is 127-minutes of flirting, fighting, and intense conversations that had me hooked, basically from opening credits to closing. I still don’t know how that gets pitched or greenlit, but God bless the Norwegians for figuring it out.”

Speaking of the Norwegians, you can thank a Norwegian phrase for that catchy title.

When asked by Vulture whether the movie was always going to be called The Worst Person in the World, Oscar-worthy star Renate Reinsve replied, “Not from the beginning, but in Norway we have this saying — if you f*ck up, you say, ‘Ugh, I’m the worst person in the world.’ So it comes from this catchy phrase.” She added that it works as a title because it’s how her character Julie “thinks about herself, and I can relate to that.”

You know who’s actually the worst person in the world? Everyone who doesn’t see The Worst Person in the World.

(Via Vulture)