‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Reveals Valkyrie’s Look And A Major New Character

On the last day of shooting Thor: Ragnarok, the whole cast and crew got together for a Facebook Live session. It’s the goofy fun we’ve come to expect from the team, which doesn’t take itself remotely seriously, but the fifteen-minute video leaks two pretty interesting tidbits.

You can watch the whole amusing Live session up above for yourself, but look closely for Tessa Thompson and you’ll see she’s in some interesting make-up:

This is our first sense of what Valkyrie will look like and, unsurprisingly, they’ve ditched the Wagnerian look for something a little more Asgardian. Just as interesting is the setting: The giant piles of trash are because the final scenes filmed take place in a vast scrapyard where spaceships go to get junked. If you listen closely, there’s a very good reason for that, as the name “Miek” is mentioned in passing.

Miek is a key character in the much beloved Planet Hulk storyline that fans have been clamoring to see on screen for years. The basic plot is the Hulk is shot into space to protect the Earth and lands on a planet ruled by a brutal empire. Which the Hulk proceeds to take over, because come on, Hulk is the strongest one there is. While Thor: Ragnarok may not be a straight Hulk movie, one suspects that Thor might stumble over his green punching buddy halfway through his story. Besides, he had to go somewhere during Captain America: Civil War, right?

(via Facebook Live)