Tom Cruise Should Have Been ‘Very Dead’ In ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ Says Notorious Buzzkill Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a smart guy. He went to Harvard and Columbia, has won a bunch of awards (including the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal), and he interviewed “Weird” Al Yankovic, which doesn’t prove anything about his intelligence but it does show that he has good taste. But man, he seems like a drip to watch movies with.

Last week, deGrasse Tyson made a poorly received “Blues Live Matter” joke about Avatar, while over the weekend, he finally watched Top Gun: Maverick and shared his thoughts. Namely, that Tom Cruise’s Maverick should be “very dead.”

“Late to the party here, but In this year’s @TopGunMovie, @TomCruise’s character Maverick ejects from a hypersonic plane at Mach 10.5, before it crashed. He survived with no injuries. At that air speed, his body would splatter like a chainmail glove swatting a worm. Just sayin’,” deGrasse Tyson tweeted. He added, “When Maverick ejected at Mach 10.5, he was going 7,000 mph, giving him 400 million joules of kinetic energy — the explosive power of 100 kg of TNT. A situation that human physiology is not designed to survive. So, no. Maverick does not walk away from this. He be dead. Very dead.”

Would you be shocked to learn that Elon Musk also weighed in?

Wait until deGrasse Tyson, the “ACTUALLY” of people, gets around to fact-checking Minions: The Rise of Gru. Kevin, Stuart, and Bob won’t know what hit them.

(Via IndieWire)