Tom Cruise Perched Atop A Speeding Train And Waved To ‘Mission: Impossible’ Fans Like It Was No Big Thing

Tom Cruise leaps off buildings and dangles off the side of helicopters all the time. Don’t forget all all that running as well, so what does Tom think of standing and/or lounging atop a speeding train? In comparison, it doesn’t seem like a challenge to him. The Mission: Impossible 7 production wrapped its Norway leg of filming this weekend, according to director Chris McQuarrie, and now they’re moving onto Rome. Before that happens, though, Cruise and crew members hopped aboard the aforementioned train, and people witnessed it just, you know, happening. In response, a relaxed-looking Cruise (who was taking a breather in a semi-reclined position) smiled and waved.

You know this had to land on TikTok. The people loved it.

At one point, Tom was also standing atop the train with absolutely no sense of fear. I guess when one’s climbed the side of the Burj Khalifa, this is just another day at work. Here’s another video from an Instagram user.

In a more muted take, here’s McQuarrie’s tech-y version on Instagram, which notes that the production is done wreaking action-havoc in Norway and swapping countries.

So, after the upcoming Tom Cruise franchise picture that does everything but send him to space shut down production (due to you know what) earlier this year, it looks like everything is going swimmingly. That’s a good thing, considering that Cruise personally called Norway’s culture minister before igniting a local controversy involving cruise ships. This followed a bridge kerfuffle and a stunt gone wrong, but Paramount Pictures must be breathing a sigh of relief because it’s all happening (again) for real.

Mission: Impossible 7 is scheduled for a November 19, 2021 release.