Amazon’s ‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’ Trailer Is Here To Make Sure Halloween Happens This Year

Halloween as we know it (parties, costumes, bars) probably shouldn’t happen this year for obvious reasons. However, Blumhouse Television and Amazon Studios have teamed up to bring Halloween to your living room — in the form of four horror movies. Beginning on October 6, Amazon Prime will start releasing these titles, so you can start feeding those spooky urges as the witching month heats up. They might be best enjoyed while pilfering through a mixed candy bag and chomping on Snickers, who knows? But skip the candy corn. That stuff is trash.

Some recognizable faces, including Joey King in The Lie, pop up in the above trailer, as well as a new song by FJØRA, “What’s Up,” which was produced by the late 4 Non Blondes lead singer, Linda Perry (as a reimagining of Perry’s original version of the song). Here’s a list of all four movies:

Black Box (Oct. 6): A single father involved in a tragic car accident agrees to an experimental treatment that results in a terrifying identity crisis.

The Lie (Oct. 6): Two parents race to cover up the crime after their teenage daughter confesses that she killed her best friend. This, naturally, results in even more lies and deception.

Evil Eye (Oct 13): A mother grows convinced that her daughter’s boyfriend actually holds a dark connection to mom’s past. Uh-oh.

Nocturne (Oct 13): An elite music academy becomes an unsettling setting when a mysterious notebook (belonging to a dead student) invigorates a timid girl’s practice.

Blumhouse rarely swings and misses, so this is promising news for those Saturday nights when big Halloween gatherings won’t be such a good idea in 2020. Stay safe everyone, and pop some popcorn for a few double features.