When Will ‘Bottoms’ Be On Streaming?

What’s the funniest movie of 2023? There’s a chance it’s Bottoms. Director Emma Seligman’s follow-up to her very funny indie Shiva Baby, the comedy stars Rachel Sennott — that film’s star, also one of the bright spots of Bodies Bodies Bodies — and The Bears’s Aye Edebiri as two high schoolers who start a fight club as a way to hit on girls. That’s really only the beginning of the insanity of what aims for a live-action Simpsons episode. Not enough people saw it during its theatrical run, but it’s the kind of cult item that picks up most of its fanbase on home video. So when is Bottoms coming to streaming?

Technically, though, it’s already there. Released in late August, it was available for online rental or purchase by late September. Right now it goes for about four bucks on Amazon Prime.

But you’re wondering when it’s going to be available as part of some streamer’s subscription. The answer to that is a bit more murky. Bottoms was released by MGM, which was purchased not long ago by Amazon. As of this writing it’s unclear if Amazon will make it available on Amazon Prime, perhaps next month, or if the movie will mosey on over to MGM+, formerly known as Epix.

So hang tight, Bottoms heads! But if you can’t wait to watch two of the most talened up-and-coming comic performers beat the crap out of their crushes — and also some footballer players — then you’ll have to throw a few bucks around.