The World’s Most Important Movie Critic (Timothée Chalamet’s Mom) Thinks ‘Wonka’ Is Wonderful

Wonka has been racking up rave reviews as the musical prequel gets ready to burst into theaters later this month, but the film has only just now received the greatest seal of approval of them all: Timothée Chalamet‘s mom loves it.

While promoting his turn as a younger version of the famous and eccentric chocolatier, Chalamet revealed that his mom was very pleased to finally see him in a movie where he’s not a cannibal or a shell-shocked space prince who just watched his friends and family get slaughtered.


“This is maybe her favorite thing I’ve ever been in,” he says, joking about his R-rated 2022 cannibalism film: “I think she saw Bones and All and said, ‘You gotta be happier in your movies!’ ”

“But,” Chalamet adds of Wonka, “this is the tradition. I come from a musical theater family, and this is more in line of the kind of movie I would’ve thought I’d be doing 10 years ago, if I was lucky enough to work at all.”

Chalamet did admit that he also enjoyed filming Wonka thanks to its “old school” and “sincere” vibes, which he credited to director Paul King.

“[King] means his stories. Like Paddington and Paddington 2, these aren’t cynical Hollywood movies. They’re extremely heartfelt and sincere,” Chalamet told PEOPLE. “The main message of this movie is to never give up on your dreams. And that can feel like a tired, old Hollywood slogan, but it’s meant because it’s Paul King that means it. No matter how ridiculous it sounds.”

Wonka opens in theaters on December 15.