From Danzig To ICP: 12 Very Un-Disney Like Bands Signed To Disney's Record Label

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Disney has spent billions of dollars convincing us that they’re family-friendly corporation, and they’ve done a great job with their marketing. When you think of the House of Mouse, you think of talking dogs, The Lion King, Pixar, the Disney Channel, Beauty and the Beast, and other movies, shows, and products you wouldn’t hesitate giving to your five-year-old niece. (Unless you’re giving her a VHS copy of The Little Mermaid with the giant penis in the background. That’s just gross.)

But if you look a little deeper into the products they’ve put out over the years, especially within their Disney Music Group labels, you find some hilariously perverse material for a company based on smiles and sunshine and princesses. It’s kind of wonderful. Here are 12 albums Disney has released that deal with murder, sex, more murder, drugs, war, and lastly, murder again.

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Weird Revolution by Butthole Surfers

Sample lyric: “My stomach hurts so bad I could die/I’m moving into a neighborhood I can’t stand.”

Blackacidevil by Danzig

Sample lyric: “Another dead embrace/A big kiss of mace/Another rush of hell/Makes me start to swell.”

Not Richard, But Dick by the Dead Milkmen

Sample lyric: “Saint Andrew was flayed alive and his tongue ripped from his head/Yet everyone who saw him agreed that he looked even better dead”

Skanless by Hi-C

Sample lyric: “Pulled my d*ck outta her cooch, tried to pop it in her ass/Couldn’t rip her from the front because she was too damn fast.”

E-lux by Human Waste Project

Sample lyric: “Now maybe I’ll learn something new/Some new kind of sick and tired.”

The Great Milenko by Insane Clown Posse

Sample lyric: “The first little piggy, his house is made of wood/He lives in a chicken turkey piggy neighborhood/He likes to f*ck his sister, and drink his moonshine/A typical redneck filthy f*ckin’ swine.”

Organized Konfusion by Organized Konfusion

Sample lyric: “Disintegrate ’em, eliminate ’em now no one has ’em in battle/I display a nuclear ray that`ll destroy bone marrow in cattle/Thereby destroying the entire food supply that`s crawling with AIDS, maggots, flies.”

Independent by Sacred Reich

Sample lyric: “Abuse of power, you can`t lose/Don`t you see what I mean/Led around so blindly/Influence of majority/Racist attitude is stupidity.”

Let It Scream by the Scream

Sample lyric: “She’s my jumpstart baby, she always seems to turn me on/Uses two hands on me, she’ll never ever do me wrong.”

Can’t Stop the Rock by Stryper

Sample lyric: “In God we trust/In Him we must believe/He is the only way/In God we trust/His Son we must receive/Tomorrow’s too late, accept Him today.”

Destruction by Definition by the Suicide Machines

Sample lyric: “I don’t know where I went wrong/And I don’t know if I can wait that long/But every time I hear that another kid died/Through a senseless act of violence/It makes we wanna cry.”


Sample lyric: “A time for love, a time for hate/A time to kick some ass/And now it’s time to get down.”

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