50 Cent Reckons Helen Mirren Is ‘Going To Be Sexy Forever’ And Explained Why That Is

Helen Mirren has long been known for her charm, and 50 Cent is not immune. In fact, it seems like he’ll be under the 78-year-old actress’ spell for the foreseeable future.

In a new Men’s Health interview, 50 spoke about finding Mirren sexy and explained what makes her so appealing, saying, “She’s sexy. She’ll look at you, and you go, ‘Oh sh*t!’ I don’t care how old she get, I don’t give a f*ck what nobody says, she’s sexy… It’s her confidence, it’s everything that she is for all of these years. She’s gonna be sexy forever.”

50’s crush on Mirren isn’t new. In 2017, the two met at the Monte Carlo TV Festival and 50 later wrote on Instagram (as Harper’s Bazaar notes), “Yeah. I think I love her man, I’m trying not to stare at her. She know she turns me on. She just has that thing, you know I can’t describe it. LOL.”

He then talked more about Mirren on Conan in 2018, saying, “I just saw her in the south of France when I was out there and she was… she just looked at me and there was this interesting thing going on in her eyes. For real, it’s a different thing. […] It’s this confidence thing that’s there from being tested and proven, and she looks at you like she knows she’s sexy.”