P. Diddy’s Son Delivered A ‘Paid In Full’ Freestyle So Fire That Even 50 Cent Can’t Deny It

In case you haven’t heard, P. Diddy’s son Christian Casey Combs is following in his dad’s footsteps as rapper calling himself King Combs, and he’s actually pretty good at it. So good, in fact, that even 50 Cent is finding his style undeniable. The normally grinch-like “Piggy Bank” rapper apparently just discovered Combs’ “Paid In Full” Freestyle on Youtube, and was so impressed that he tossed the video into an Instagram post. Of course, in typical 50 Cent fashion, he had to downplay his praise just a bit with the caption, “These little n*ggas cool, I like this. They daddy should have been the pilot.”

Which is actually kind of a decent idea, but given that the eldest Combs is probably too busy making money and trashing offices to sit down for flying lessons (not to mention, would you want Puff Daddy flying your plane? This is the guy who almost killed Marilyn Manson over a Led Zeppelin sample).

Meanwhile, the song itself is pretty old, at least in internet time, being posted by Diddy in April, but like Diddy, 50 has probably been too busy enjoying the fruits of his labor — the success of Starz’ Power and his resultant production deal with the premium cable network — to really pay attention to what’s happening on the interwebs. He can be forgiven, especially as it gives us all a chance to revisit King Combs’ Mase-like masterpiece from this spring and eagerly await whatever he’s got planned next. You can watch the “Paid In Full” Freestyle’ originally posted by P. Diddy below.