Watch Aerosmith Rope The Roots Into A ‘Walk This Way’ Rendition With Kid Instruments For Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is universally known for getting its gets to play along in a wide-ranging collection of different bits and games. One of the best, or at least one of the most endearing, is when Fallon pulls in the Roots to help him bust out a fan-favorite hit with the show’s musical guest using only children’s instruments. He’s done it before with Adele on her bombastic “Hello,” he did it with Metallica and their ‘90s metal monster “Enter Sandman,” and now he’s done it with Aerosmith and their ubiquitous classic rock anthem “Walk This Way.

For this new rendition of the song, you’ve got Steven Tyler providing some percussion with a pair of apple and orange shakers, Joe Perry is of course on ukulele, Joey Kramer knocking on a Fisher Price drum kit, Bradley Whitford is on maracas and Tom Hamilton is holding it down on tambourine. In a special nod to the Run-DMC version that became a smash in the 1980s, Black Thought is set up in the front shaking a classic Adidas shoe. It does nothing to the song, but the visual is an absolute delight.

You can watch Aerosmith perform “Walk This Way” with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots using only children’s instruments in the video above.