How Alison Wonderland Conquered Her Fears And Created The ‘Temple Of Wonderland’ At Red Rocks

There’s a lot of history at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. The venue has been open for more than hundred years. Countless legends have performed there. With that in mind, along with the location’s stunning beauty, it’s surely an intimidating place to perform. In fact, EDM star Alison Wonderland almost backed out of a show there, despite having dreamed for years of getting the opportunity to play the esteemed space. Thankfully, she realized that this rare opportunity was too good to pass up, so she went full-steam ahead and did her best to make the stage hers.

She took charge of planning the performance and came up with an epic concept: “I decided to call it ‘Temple Of Wonderland’ because I want to create my own space and my own world for everyone to exist in. I’m just going ham on the visuals, just zoning in on getting the lighting right.”

Given the occasion, she decided to have the performance depart from her usual style, going as far as re-writing parts of songs for this one show. Wonderland employed her classical music roots with the performance, saying, “Bringing on strings, having more live elements, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do because when I was younger, I thought I was going to be a classical cellist. It’s always a part of me.”

Ultimately, all this nervousness, effort, ambition, and planning resulted in a music spectacle that was worthy of the grand space that hosted it. The process of making this type of event happen is fascinating, so learn more about what went into Wonderland’s stunning Red Rocks performance in the video above. Also revisit the previous Backstage episode about Wonderland, in which she talks more about her history with the cello, here.