Amber Rose Went Way TMI With Her Feelings On Harry Styles From ‘One Direction’

Over on E!, Giuliana Rancic, Melissa Rivers and whichever ladies are still around on Fashion Police were discussing Sunday night’s American Music Awards styles on Monday’s show, as they are wont to do, when the subject turned to One Direction’s Harry Styles. Despite the fact that she’s nearly old enough to be his mother, on her fashion comment board thingie (I have no idea), Rancic drew “lips with tongue” as her reaction to Harry Styles’ red carpet look, “because that’s what [she] wants to do to him.”

Okay, fair enough. But that was nothing compared to guest commentator Amber Rose, who drew a bottle of water to illustrate how she feels about Harry Styles. I’ll leave it up to her to elaborate on that point, but expect more of the usual refreshing honesty and decorum we’ve come to know and expect from Amber Rose.

(Via Fishwrapper)

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