Check Out The X-Pistols, An Artistic Mashup Of Punk Rock X-Men

We got a taste of the New Wave Justice League of Super Friends a while back, but now a grimier, stranger team has emerged from the shadows: The X-Pistols. Hopefully both teams are ready to do battle with the real life Legion Of Doom.

The work has been around for a little while and comes from artist James Zark. The concept imagines numerous punk rock icons as members of The X-Men, ranging from Blondie front-woman Debbie Harry as Phoenix to Glenn Danzig during his Misifits days pulling duty as Wolverine.

Danzig of course was in the conversation to play a less gay Wolverine in the very first X-Men movie, but was too busy making wild soup demands and getting beat up to play the role.

Some overlap the New Wave Super Friends pieces (I think Ian Curtis and Johnny Rotten are pulling double duty).

If anything, I would have chosen a few different icons to fill some other roles. Joey Ramone as Beast, Patti Smith as Rogue and Lou Reed could’ve been a cranky Magneto. There are quite a few possibilities and all would be better tributes than the sh*tty CBGB movie.

I recommend perusing Zark’s other work on his site. I am quite partial to this Nick Cave/Hellboy mash-up myself. You can purchase prints of these pieces and some others here.

(All images via James Zark/Optik Blast)

Debbie Harry / Phoenix

Iggy Pop / Angel

Ian Curtis / Cyclops

Henry Rollins / Colossus

Johnny Rotten / Iceman

Danzig / Wolverine