ASAP Rocky Is Reportedly Being Held In ‘Inhumane’ Conditions In A Swedish Jail

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Currently, ASAP Rocky is in a Sweden prison due to his arrest following a physical altercation with a man on the streets of Stockholm. He is being held for two weeks while prosecutors decide whether or not to charge him with aggravated assault, and while he’s waiting, the conditions are reportedly “inhumane,” as TMZ notes.

The publication reports that there is a prisoner in a neighboring cell with “severe mental issues who slams his head against the concrete wall and hurls feces every which way,” adding that the mess is not cleaned up. Beyond that, Rocky is reportedly sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets, the water is apparently not clean, and the food is supposedly not edible, which reportedly forced Rocky to eat just an apple a day for the first five days. TMZ’s source called the facility “disease ridden.”

On Monday, Sweden’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal to have Rocky released from custody, saying they found no reason to review the case.

Rocky has received support from the hip-hop community during this difficult time. Tyler The Creator is apparently boycotting Sweden in light of Rocky’s situation, and Schoolboy Q feels the same way, responding to Tyler’s tweet, “I’m not goin nomo eitHer… #FLACKO.”

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