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04.30.19 4 months ago

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The sun is shining a little brighter. Trees bloom with greenery and color. The world feels like it’s waking up — and everybody has a take on it. Sure, spring has sprung, but it’s also officially Taylor Swift season. Swift has announced her next era of new music with the pastel-tinted, polarizing, Brendon-Urie-featuring “ME!” Whatever your personal opinion on the song, it’s inescapable and undeniably the pop event of the week.

But even if you find “ME!” a little too Jojo Siwa for your tastes, there were a bunch of other great releases this week. Kim Petras announced her own new era of music with the vulnerable bop “Broken.” Marina dropped the second half of her album, completing the duality of Love And Fear. We’ve got some great new ones from up-and-comers Fletcher, Carlie Hanson, and Zara Larsson.

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Taylor Swift, Feat. Brendon Urie, “ME!”

Taylor Swift‘s lead singles are, more often than not, total red herrings. The Disney villain drama of “Look What You Made Me Do” sent Twitter into a tailspin, but Reputation ended up being mostly an album of love songs and self-reflection. Taylor Swift’s bubblegum pop turn was predicted with “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but that came a whole album later with 1989. Swift’s lead singles are designed to get the world talking, and “ME!” certainly does. It’s bold and theatrical like a Panic! At The Disco song. It’s full of pastels, rainbows, and hidden clues to keep conspiracists guessing and searching for weeks. The more you listen to it, the catchier it becomes. Taylor season is here, and we’re powerless to the tide of nature.

Kim Petras, “Broken”

Kim Petras is known for her ebullient bubblegum pop, but the German singer-songwriter is gearing up for a new era of her own. New single “Broken” is Petras’ first release since wrapping her run of stand-alone singles. “Broken” is contemplative and vulnerable as Petras wishes for a lover who spurned her to feel the same hurt she does. The song is as cathartic as anything from her singles era, and she lets her feelings unspool as fast and messy as they come. Being “broken” never sounded so good.

Lauv, “Drugs And The Internet”

Singer-songwriter Lauv (real name Ari Leff) is known for his honest synth-pop, and “Drugs And The Internet” is no exception. In the song, Lauv opens up about his struggles with anxiety and addiction, and how social media can exacerbate both. When going through a rough time, sometimes the worst thing a person can do is spend time on Twitter and Instagram, comparing themselves to the hyper-curated lives of others. Lauv turns this all-too-relatable sensation into a great pop song full of left-of-center beats and cool production flourishes.

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