An Artist In Florida Made A Beyoncé Portrait Entirely Out Of Skittles

Getty Image

Check your favorite musicians Twitter mentions at any given moment and you’re bound to find some good fan art. You’ll probably be hard-pressed to find art made from candy, though. That, however, is exactly what artist Harold Claudio has been producing in his Florida studio. In March, the West Palm Beach native posted a video to Instagram of a portrait that he made of international megastar and the subject of a recent popular Netflix film, Beyoncé. Aside from being a beautiful rendering of the 37-year-old singer, the piece was noteworthy because it was made almost entirely out of Skittles.

To create the portrait, Claudio first formulated the idea in Photoshop, experimenting with colors and lighting. He then measured the size of the canvas to his liking and painted the image. Finally, he meticulously sorted the Skittles by hand (purchasing rare white Skittles in the process) and glued each in its place on the canvas. “As far as the white Skittles goes…the whole process, going to Amazon or finding a private seller that sells them is like a whole process in itself. It takes around three weeks,” Claudio told The Palm Beach Post.

The piece was actually one of a handful of works like it that the 34-year-old has made. “It all started because of Trayvon Martin. The fact that he went to the store and got Skittles,” Claudio said. The project began with a Skittle portrait of the slain teen. Since then, he has also done portraits of Bob Marley, Will Smith, and Tupac. The Beyoncé portrait, however, was the work that garnered the most attention.

You can check the piece out above.