Billie Eilish Isn’t Interested In Being The ‘Face Of Pop’

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At this point, Billie Eilish is a full-blown star. Her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, is one of the most commercially successful of the year, and “Bad Guy” has even become a meme. Just don’t call her the new face of pop, because she will reject that label.

In a new interview with Vogue Australia, Eilish said that she doesn’t really want to be called that, saying, “It’s annoying. As grateful as I am for the appreciation and the love, honestly, I’ve become numb to it. I remember the first couple of times people called me the face of pop or pop’s new It girl or whatever the f*ck […] it kind of irked me. The weird thing about humans is we [think we] have to label everything, but we don’t.”

She went on to say that instead of chasing those sorts of labels, she would rather do some good with the attention she draws:

“I really don’t want to waste my platform. I’m trying not to but I think all of us in the spotlight — or whatever you want to call it — can be more vocal about climate change and things that need to be talked about. I still think I can do more. There are so many things being determined by people who are going to die soon anyway because they’re old as f*ck. It makes me so angry. There are so many things I wish I could snap my fingers and make better. There is so much that needs help and [there are] people who pretend they care and don’t, and [then] people who could do something, but don’t. I’m here and I can actually try. I suddenly have a platform and a spotlight that I can maybe, maybe, maybe make a difference to something.”

Read the full interview here.