Green Day Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong Dropped A Surprise EP With His New Band The Longshot

The Longshot

Even as the leader of one of the biggest rock bands on the planet Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong knows that sometimes you got to get out of your comfort zone a little bit and try new things. Work with different people. Create different art. With that in mind, today, Armstrong decided to surprise the world by dropping a three-song EP with his new musical venture, a band called The Longshot.

Not much is known about the group at this time. Pertinent information like…who else is in it besides Armstrong has yet to be revealed. What we do have are three new songs titled “Taxi Driver,” “Love Is For Losers,” and “Chasing A Ghost.” As a collection, the tracks remain in that Green Day, punk rock mould, but with a slower tempo and lighter touch; almost Replacements-like.

We also know that the Longshot plans on releasing a full-length album sometime in the near-future titled Love Is For Losers, but we still don’t know when. According to the band’s Instagram page, the record will be “coming eventually sooner or later. Probably sooner.” But then again, when have we heard that before?

You can listen to the three songs from the Longshot’s debut EP in the videos below.