Boston Calling’s Smallness Is A Fulfilling Departure From Oversized Festivals

05.29.18 12 months ago

Derrick Rossignol for Uproxx

I was in the photographers’ pit at Boston Calling’s Delta Blue Stage to shoot Brockhampton on Saturday, during what might be their last performance in a while; They just canceled their remaining tour dates following the sexual misconduct allegations made against Ameer Vann (who did not perform with the group on that day). I missed it, though, and got zero photos of them. I was sitting off to the side of the pit with two emergency medical personnel after security noticed the nosebleed I got completely out of nowhere, which I reckon is the biggest of the many I’ve had in my years.

After the medical folks asked for my personal information and told me how to pinch my nose as if I haven’t already done it a hundred times before, I cleaned off whatever blood hadn’t already seeped into my shirt and festival bracelet in a nearby bathroom. Then, with just a few minutes remaining until St. Vincent’s set all the way across the festival, I ran there, surely looking like a maniac with my blood-covered everything and an undeterrable sense of urgency. Slightly winded, I was able to make it to the Green Stage pit and get some completely usable photos of her performance.

Derrick Rossignol for Uproxx

Despite the mini emergency, there was a silver lining: I ventured across the entire place in no more than four or five minutes. And that’s part of what was so nice about Boston Calling in relation to other festivals: it’s small.

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