Calvin Harris Addresses The Taylor Swift Breakup With A Simple, Straightforward Tweet

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Earlier this week, love was once again proclaimed dead following the break up between pop queen Taylor Swift and her DJ boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Many were left to speculate why the 15 month relationship ran its course, because surely there has to be an insidious reason behind the parting of ways between two rich and popular young people. TMZ reports that Harris was over the “Hollywood lifestyle,” but that hasn’t seemed to bother him in the past. Still, demanding a private ER room is different from the constant limelight that follows Swift.

Still, fandom being what it is, the hordes have been clamoring for answers, and Harris felt the need to address the situation on Twitter. Considering some of the behavior of past Swift exes, Harris handled the situation in a surprisingly mature way.

Swift has yet to publicly comment, but she did retweet Harris’ sentiments soon after he addressed their separation. While there are certainly details that haven’t been (and probably won’t be) made public, this seems to be a relatively drama free case of two busy people deciding that things weren’t worth the work. Still, the romance is sure to offer up some prime song writing material for both performers, so plan on deciphering the lyrics for clues in the coming future.

(Via TMZ, Twitter)