Cardi B Thinks Female Rappers Are Held To A Higher Standard With Live Performances Than Male Rappers Are

There are many who would attest that women in hip-hop haven’t always received the recognition and respect they deserve. Today, Cardi B dug into that narrative by shining a light on a comparison between live performances by female and male rappers.

This afternoon, a Twitter user shared a clip of Cardi and Offset’s performance of “Clout” and “Press” at the 2019 BET Awards, which featured an elaborate set, lighting, choreography, and so on. That prompted another user to re-share the video and add, “Unrelated but; I hate how Women rappers can perform & have whole ass choreography routines & still get criticized & picked apart while men rappers just walk around in one circle, jump up & down, giving the bare minimum with no criticism @ all.”

Cardi seemed to be in agreement with that take, because she shared the tweet and added, “Female rappers have to bust their ass on performances ,great visuals,hours on make up ,hours on hair ,pressure by the public to look perfect,make great music and yet are The most disrespected.It’s always they not good enough,what’s new? It’s boring,Why her not me.”

Meanwhile, Cardi’s latest film, F9, premieres in theaters this week, and the good news for Cardi fans is that she’s set to appear in the next Fast & Furious movie, too.

Revisit Cardi’s 2019 BET Awards performance in full below.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .