Chance The Rapper Tries Out A New Profession In A Hilarious Fake Infomercial

Chance The Rapper‘s latest rollout has taken advantage of his big house and comedic chops to turn in some pretty clever promotional materials for his new singles. The latest is “1-800-STUNT,” Chance’s take on ’90s infomercials, which is connected to his next track, known for the moment as “House Of Kicks Theme Song.” The spoof infomercial sees Chance take on the role of stuntman, Jump Dustumba, as he stumps for his agency while wearing an arm sling.

However, rather than appearing in movies and TV shows, they’re available to stand in for customers doing regular tasks like working out, taking out the trash, or making a sandwich. Unfortunately, one customer finds out that having an “identical” person around the house has its drawbacks, as he catches Dustumba making out with his wife. It’s a cheeky little distraction of a video but I’m intrigued to see how it plays into the release of Chance’s next single.

Chance’s most recent single, “The Heart & The Tongue,” also came out after a week of social media teasing, so while it’s unclear just what he’s building up to, it seems clear that it’ll be something that he’s crafted with care putting all the free time afforded by pandemic lockdowns — and probably a little bit of boredom, as well — to good use.

Watch “1-800-STUNT” above.