Chance The Rapper Got Help From His Daughter And Megan Thee Stallion His ‘SNL’ Performance

After releasing his highly anticipated record The Big Day earlier this summer, Chance the Rapper became the 27th person to both host and perform on SNL in 45 seasons. The rapper starred in several skits throughout the night but the highlight was when Chance began his performance with a video of his daughter singing.

Since Chance was also hosting the night, he began by introducing himself to the stage. As the lights went down, a video played of his daughter singing “Impossible” in her car seat from Disney’s Cinderella, the inspiration to the song “Zanies and Fools.” The video was edited to show his daughter dressed as a princess.

The camera then panned to Chance on the stage rapping “Zanies and Fools.” He was accompanied by more than a dozen musicians. Chance chronicled his relationship and the day he met his wife at nine years old in the song’s lyrics. “Every kiss begins with clear cut clarity sides / They were forever, but marriage had an apparent decline,” he rapped.

Following his “Zanies and Fools” performance, Chance took the stage once again to perform “Handsome.” This time, he was joined by Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Amid large beams of light, Chance and Megan danced playfully on stage.

Watch Chance the Rapper perform “Zanies and Fools” and “Handsome” featuring Megan Thee Stallion above.