Chika Roasts Perez Hilton For Intentionally Misgendering Her: ‘You Wanted To Defeminize A Black Woman’

Chika is enjoying a fairly good start to her 2021 year. She attended this year’s Grammy Awards in addition to being a nominated act in the Best New Artist category. She’s also a little over a week removed from the release of her Once Upon A Time EP. Despite this, she still faces disrespect from others on social media, and the latest example came from well-known blogger Perez Hilton.

It began when Chika shared a tweet about a past interaction with Hilton. “i distinctly remember perez hilton purposely misgendering me on here a couple years ago, but now his b*tch ass is playing cinderella (pt. 2) on his IG story without crediting me,” she said.

Hilton would respond in a now-deleted tweet writing, “Misgendering someone is assigning or referring the wrong gender to a person. I never gendered you. So the stupid one is you.” He added, “Hey, at least you’re stupid and making some money now. Xoxo.”

The rather tasteless response caused Chika to give the blogger a piece of her mind through a lengthy thread on Twitter. “1.) Saying he/she, even to someone whose gender you don’t know is wrong. Esp bc nonbinary and agender people exist. Which is why the majority of the intelligent population says ‘they,'” she said. “You adhered to the binary because you wanted to offend me, and that’s clear, doofus.” She added, “2.) You, yourself, as the f*ckin anal polyp you are have admitted that you know who I was PRIOR to ‘not gendering me.’ It was clear that I am a woman. But you trying to be cute actually showed your transphobia live and in stereo. You wanted to defeminize a black woman.”

In a third tweet, she continued, “3.) Even now, 3 years later, you’ve refused to acknowledge your sh*tty behavior — instead you’ve doubled down after using MYYY content on YOUUUR dead Instagram. You don’t have [the] decency to apologize for that, you tw*t.” In additional posts, she called Hilton the “cancer of an industry that will make my family wealthy forever,” a “waste of an existence,” and a “vile human being.”

You can watch the interaction in the post above, which Chika reposted on Instagram with the caption, “wanna see a ded bawdy?”

Chika is a Warner Music artist. .