Chvrches Are Unafraid To Do What They Want, So They Get To Define Themselves

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Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty, and Ian Cook (collectively known as Chvrches) have spent the past few years putting in the work to become one of the most respected bands in all of indie music and one of the biggest success stories to come out of Scotland (or anywhere) in recent memory. But while they’re a breath of fresh air on record and on stage, they might not make a ton of sense on paper.

30-year-old singer Mayberry surrounds herself with Doherty (35 years old) and Cook (43), a move that she’s been questioned about in the past: “There was a magazine in the U.K. that was like, ‘Leave these guys out because they’re not the correct age for indie rock in the U.K.,'” she says in the new Honda Backstage video above. “I’m like, ‘Hush up.'”

The band is also a wild card musically, combining synth pop with indie in a marriage that’s as sugar sweet as it is electronically stimulating.

Doherty believes that Chvrches made it in spite of their ambition, not because of it, saying that in their home of Glasgow, their brand of drive isn’t often rewarded. But while a go-along-to-get-along mentality might work best for some, Chvrches proves that in their case, defining yourself instead of letting others do that for you can pay dividends. So long as you’re able to walk the walk as well as you talk the talk.

Watch the video above to learn more about the band’s process and what it’s been like during their meteoric ascent.

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