Colin Jost Of ‘SNL’ Responded To PWR BTTM’s Criticism Of His Tinder Joke, But Still Missed The Point

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11.23.16 31 Comments

Following this weekend’s edition of ‘SNL‘ you may have noticed a particular joke about Tinder circulating on Twitter. The joke was performed by Colin Jost, and it addressed the decision that the dating app recently made to offer a wide spectrum of gender identity options instead of the limited binary of male and female. Jost’s joke claims it’s inclusive rhetoric like this that lost Democrats the election.

Well, many people took issue with this line of reasoning, pointing out that a cis, hetero white guy blaming a dating app for being inclusive toward non-binary Americans is pretty much the epitome of punching down. One of the loudest voices asking Jost to reexamine his idea was queer power punk duo PWR BTTM, who wrote in an initial tweet, above: “Yo @ColinJost, do you not get this kind hatred is why trump won the election? Shame. Shame shame shame.”

Well, as Stereogum points out, the tweet caught Jost’s attention, and despite criticism from multiple sources, he responded to them directly:

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