Courtney Love Is Dead Serious About Her $10,000 Stripper Bet With Dave Grohl

One of rock-n-roll’s greatest feuds ended with class and a hug earlier this year, as Courtney Love and Dave Grohl squashed their two-decade beef at Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April. A lot of people wondered if the hug was just for show, and whether or not the two rock stars still loathed each other, but both Love and Grohl came out and said that it was 100% sincere and authentic, because “at the end of the day we’re a big family.” But if people still didn’t believe them, they proved it again earlier this month, when Love and Grohl took some tequila shots together at a party at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City, where they reportedly made a $10,000 bet over strippers.

The details of this wager seemed way too strange to be true, as if Grohl had lost his mind or was told by a doctor that he was suffering from a “brain cloud.”

“Courtney and Dave were nose-to-nose at the table in the back, laughing, crying and hugging. It’s nice to see those two burying the hatchet for real. Courtney doesn’t really drink, but she and Dave did tequila shots. They were very intense with each other. People were surprised . . .  Michael Stipe looked like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then Courtney and Dave were heard making a 10-grand bet on who could get the most strippers at Scores.” (Via Page Six)

If I had to guess, this was Stipe’s exact response.

Love reportedly left soon after, while Grohl and his friends went to Scores and dropped $10,000 on booze and lap dances, while a stripper told Page Six that if there had been a competition, Grohl “would have definitely won.” But Love soon took to Twitter to declare that this wasn’t just some empty bet that was made over delicious tequila shots.

And because a story like this needs to be monitored, Page Six once again followed up with Love this week and asked her if the bet is still on. Oh it’s on, people. The stripper bet is most certainly on.

“I’m taking him down,” added Love, who used to perform before she was famous at infamous Hollywood jiggle joint Jumbo’s Clown Room.

“I used to be [a stripper], and I tip like a maniac so they relate to me,” she said of her pole-dancing pedigree. “That’s the whole premise. That’s why we made the bet.” (Via Page Six)

No disrespect to Love at all, because I’m sure she’s great at throwing money away, but I’m pretty sure that if you line 10 strippers up and ask them to pick between the world’s coolest rock star Dave Grohl and Courtney Love, 10 of them will pick Grohl, while bringing another five of their friends along. Either way, this should be televised.