Dave Chappelle And Dylan From ‘Making The Band’ Recreate The Unforgettable Sketch That Made Both Famous

Ask any hip-hop or comedy heads of a certain age who their top five emcees in rap are, and eventually, you’re going to get a quote from comedian Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central sketch show:

“Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dyan!”

Chappelle, whose star-studded New York Radio City Music Hall shows are rapidly becoming a thing of legend, met up with the Grenadan rapper at the House of Vans in New York City on Friday night, and the moment was captured forever on Dylan’s Instagram, with the pair quoting from the beloved sketch, right down to the “Spit hot fiya!”

Chappelle’s famous friendships always make for entertaining TV or insightful interviews, but this moment is one fans have been waiting for since the comedian famously lampooned MTV’s Making The Band, playing a tyrannical parody of both Da Band’s domineering executive producer, P. Diddy, and its most bombastic member, Dylan Dili.

In the sketch, Chappelle, as Dylan, asks, “Who are the five best rappers of all time?” before giving himself credit for all five spots. The rapper himself had no hard feelings about the parody, and Chappelle credited him in the Instagram video for making Dave famous. Dave also took time at the end of the video to help Dylan plug his new album. Check it out below: