Good Guy Dave Grohl Brings A Young Blind Fan On Stage During A Foo Fighters Show

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Two things are true about Foo Fighters: Their live shows are always interesting, and Dave Grohl is a good guy who likes to get the fans involved whenever he can. A few months ago, he invited a fan in Kiss-style makeup on stage to play guitar, and he absolutely shredded. This weekend, another fan got to participate in the festivities, and this time, it was a young blind boy.

The band played in St. Paul, Minnesota on Thursday, and Christy Taylor of Go 96.3 in Minneapolis notes that when Grohl noticed the kid, he and his parents were brought to the side of the stage, where they got to enjoy the rest of the show. There was one point where Grohl even brought his guitar over to the boy and let him touch it.

The child’s mother wrote on Facebook yesterday that the boy is named Owen, and that he also has “autism, Crohn’s Disease, and developmental disabilities”:

“I am Owen’s mom. Owen is in fact blind, he also has Autism, Crohn’s Disease and developmental disabilities. Owen loves concerts so much. He was definitely not tired, he likes to be held up front at most shows and we take turns [holding him up] up so he can dance. Dave Grohl and all of the crew were incredibly kind to our family.”

She later added in another comment, “We have taken Owen to close [to] 100 shows. It’s so fun and he brings out the best in so many people. Owen has a pretty huge story and has been through so much in his life already, we are just trying to give him the best life we can.”

Check out some clips from the show above and below, and read our interview with Grohl here.