Doja Cat Explains Why She Doesn’t Like Her Early Hit ‘Go To Town’

Doja Cat has come a long way since dropping her debut album, Amala, in 2018. While that album mostly flew under music fans’ radars, after breaking through with her jokey track “Mooo!” and follow-up singles “Tia Tamera” and “Juicy,” many revisited the album and its lead single “Go To Town” — although, according to Doja herself, she’d rather they didn’t.

In a YouTube segment accompanying her recent Elle magazine cover story called “Thirst Trap,” Doja got challenged to answer some potentially controversial questions or take a shot for each one she abstained from answering. One of those questions was, “What song or verse do you regret putting out and why?” In the video, Doja waffles a bit about whether or not to answer because “then I’m just giving more attention to it,” but ultimately decides to tell viewers, “Don’t go and listen to ‘Go To Town’… I don’t like that one.” Sorry, Doja, but…

Her explanation reflects her musical perfectionism. “It’s not a bad song. I don’t think that I was very lyrically or vocally evolved in that era… That song is really difficult to listen to for me. Don’t waste your time.” This lines up with previous statements Doja has made about Amala as a whole; she’s called it unfinished and rushed in the past, attributing both to her overindulgence in weed and partying while recording it. However, she’s certainly made up for it since with Hot Pink and Planet Her, and she has vowed to really lean into her rap proclivities on her fourth album, for which she says she wants 9th Wonder to make beats.

Watch Doja Cat’s “Thirst Trap” segment above.