Doja Cat Leaked A Snippet Of Her New Album On Instagram And Backpedaled On The Title Again

Being a Doja Cat fan is not easy. In March, speculation emerged about the title of the musician’s highly anticipated new album after she tweeted “#hellmouth.” It seemed like a simple announcement, especially after she kept confusing people about what the genre would be, saying it would be rave-influenced, rap, R&B, punk, and not pop.

However, as Doja backpedals on what genre it is, she’s also backpedaling on what the title is. “The whole album is no longer rap yall its rock/spoken word and the album title is not Hellmouth anymore,” she tweeted last month. A minute later, she added, “Album is called Moist Holes.”

The shenanigans continued Tuesday, May 9, when Doja took to Twitter to stir the pot further: “its not called hEllMoUth either its called ‘First of All’ and yes I’m announcing the album title right now.” This followed her Instagram Live in which she shared a snippet of a new song.

Moist Holes was hard to believe. First of All is now suspiciously normal. Fans are tired of hearing about it, though. In the replies, some are demanding she drop the record already. She leaked a possible tracklist on her Instagram Story last month as well. Still, no release date has been teased.