Drake And Chris Brown Are Still Going At It… Five Years Later


We’re now in the year of our Lord 2017, and Drake and Chris Brown are still going at it. Maybe they’re the ones who need to be kicking each other’s asses in the ring instead of Breezy and Baby Draco.

Drizzy was over in London the other night for his Boy Meets World tour and name-dropped Chris Brown in a little mini-rant to his production crew. “I think you a little tense tonight. You acting like this sh*t is like some Omarion, Chris Brown sultry sh*t,” Drake reprimanded. “This not that kinda show. I’m a turnt up n*gga!” Apparently, Drake was upset that his crew was slowing things down with too many R&B slow jams when he wanted his set to be on 100.

Still, just his name being mentioned was enough to garner a response from Chris Brown. The controversial krumper went on social media and clapped back at Drake for the “slick” disses, telling his five-year-long foe that he needs to put away his “superhero” costume.

“I’m finna go mute on you n*ggas this year. When I pull up on you, it’s going down,” Chris threatened. “Gonna set this [Soulja Boy] fight up and all that, but n*ggas are always going to slick talk. They know when I be in a certain room, their chest be flat than a muhf*cker. Boy, stop putting that superhero costume on before we torture you.”


Speaking of the Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown bout, Draco says it’s been a week since he signed his contract, but Breezy is still pussyfooting around. Also, Soulja’s now being trained by Evander Holyfield after dumping Floyd Mayweather.