Watch This Drummer Fall Out Of A Window And Wonder How He Wasn’t Seriously Injured

02.07.16 3 years ago

You ever get so into a tune that you love, you start grooving, rocking out, feeling it so hard and then boom — you fall out a plate glass window?

Such was the case in Nashville at a downtown bar on Friday night when the drummer for the Don Kelley Band got so into his sick beats that he stood up near the end of the song, lurched himself backwards and right out the window and onto the sidewalk below. Must have been some jam.

The drummer, named Stan Saxson, was getting into it while playing a song called “Ghost Riders in the Sky” when he crash landed outside Robert’s Western World, where the band, which began playing together back in 1981, has had a regular gig since the mod-90s.

“All of a sudden there was a loud crash, and the drummer comes flying through the window — and with him, his snare drum,” a witness to the crash told NewsChannel 5 in Nashville.

Saxson injured a rib in the fall but returned to the stage and finished the set. The Don Kelley Band hardly missed a beat and were back at Robert’s Western World for another gig on Saturday night.

So let this be a lesson to all you drummer out there: If you’re going to rock out so hard on your band’s crazy new tune, make sure your kit is set up in the middle of the room and away from any windows.

(via, USA Today)

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