So, Flea From Red Hot Chili Peppers Is A Beekeeper Now?

If you were told that Flea, the erstwhile headbanging bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, had an insect-related hobby going on, you’d probably guess it was a flea circus. That would be a silly guess, though, because flea circuses are stupid. Why would you think that? Because his name is Flea? That’s ridiculous. Flea’s a beekeeper now, obviously.

Yes, Flea has an apiary now, and he’s serious about it. He’s taken to posting on the ol’ social media about “Flea’s bees,” showing himself in his beekeepers outfit working with his many bees on his property. He now has three hives with over 60,000 bees apiece, giving him almost 200,000 bees overall. That’s a lot of bees by any standards.

Now, while it is amusing that a musician named Flea is a beekeeper, it actually is a good thing for the environment as well. Colony Collapse Disorder has caused a great deal of bees to disappear over the years, and bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and not just because their delicious honey leads to bears getting their heads caught in pots, saving us from vicious bear attacks. Flea’s bees will play a key role in plant pollination, making it a genuine act of conservation.

So thank you, Flea, for making us laugh at the fact you are a beekeeper, or Fleakeeper as it were, and also for your environmental work. Here’s a valuable lesson learned from The Simpsons that can help you in your work. If you ever find your bees have disappeared because they have been attracted to a giant pile of sugar in some guy’s backyard, just wait for it to rain. They’ll just get up and leave. Also, any car can be a Beemobile if you want it to be.

(Via Rolling Stone)